Facilities for the Next Century


Transformative environments are critical to the learning experience at the GSD. However, demands on our physical space have been stressed by strategic growth, an ambitious research program, and the rise in use of digital fabrication. An investment in necessary physical infrastructure is needed at this critical moment in the GSD’s history.

  • Provide a gift to name the iconic Trays at Gund Hall. The tiered workspaces are a fixture of the School and enable the students to engage in cross-dialogue among disciplines on a daily basis.
  • Establish a research fund to name 40–42 Kirkland Street. The labs and programs housed there are an important component in developing innovation.
  • Sponsor the renovations of the Philip Johnson Thesis House. This seminal modernist structure is envisioned as a future hub of design history and theory.
  • Offer a named gift to provide program funds for an innovation classroom at the GSD. Just as Gund Hall did 40 years ago, this classroom will create a new model environment for design education.
  • Create a dedicated, flexible environment for students by naming a student lounge. In these spaces that promote cross-fertilization of ideas, students can study, assemble models, and engage in impromptu dialogues.

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