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  • Nicole Freeman
  • Senior Major Gift Officer
  • Territories: Southern California, Southwest, and Mexico

Our studio model offers the opportunity to explore a wide range of design topics under the supervision of prominent practitioners. Faculty and researchers regularly travel the globe to conduct site research, meet local experts, and explore the context of their work. With more than half of studios sited outside the United States, and increasingly envisioned as multiyear investigations, the cost of such instruction is daunting.

  • Support instruction by establishing an endowed fund for studio pedagogy. Doing so allows faculty and students the freedom to explore pressing global issues.
  • Provide a current-use gift supporting the Dean’s vision of a three-year, international studio model centered on a particular region or topic. This supports associated costs for research assistance, faculty, publications, exhibitions, and symposia.
  • Provide a current-use gift to fund the development of an EdX curriculum at the GSD. Doing so will mean we can provide greater access to the GSD’s extraordinary instruction.
  • Offer a current-use gift to support the introduction and implementation of new teaching methods. Doing so supports innovative ideas, both inside and outside of the classroom.


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Help ensure that the increasing costs of global work are no barrier to innovative, immersive learning experiences.

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