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Book by Alexander Robinson MLA ’05, “The Spoils of Dust: Reinventing the Lake that Made Los Angeles,” Reviewed in Science Journal “Nature”

Alexander Robinson MLA ‘05

A new book by Alexander Robinson MLA ’05The Spoils of Dust: Reinventing the Lake that Made Los Angeles, looks at the many lives of Owens Lake. Recipient of a 2018 Graham Foundation Grant for Individuals as well as a 2018 Foundation for Landscape Studies, David R. Coffin Publication Grant, the book was recently reviewed by science journal Nature. “Robinson makes a convincing case that massive human developments need not always result in decimation,” writes Amy Maxmen in her review.

Robinson is an Assistant Professor in the USC Landscape Architecture & Urbanism program, an Affiliate of both the Spatial Sciences Institute and Wrigley Institute of Environmental Studies, and principal of the Office of Outdoor Research/LMLab in Los Angeles, California.

Learn more about The Spoils of Dust.

Read the Nature review.

Image courtesy of the Office of Outdoor Research (oOR).

posted November, 2018


Dan Brunn, AIA, MArch’05 Recognized as California Home + Design’s 2018 Emerging Designer

Dan Brunn MArch'05

Dan Brunn, AIA, MArch’05 Principal of Dan Brunn Architecture, has been recognized as California Home + Design’s 2018 Emerging Designer. Brunn has also recently received awards for his design of the flagship store for Road to Awe (RtA) from the Los Angeles Business Council’s 48th Los Angeles Architectural Awards in the Retail & Restaurants category, as well as the first Coffee For Sasquatch location from the Retail Design Institute’s International Store Design Competition for Excellence in Design and Execution. Since 2005, Dan Brunn Architecture has been developing award-winning commercial and residential projects that utilize a signature minimalist aesthetic to create provocative spatial choreography and harmonize light with volume.

Image courtesy of Brandon Shigeta.

posted June, 2018


Marianna Athanasiadou MArch ’05 Among 40 Most Promising and Emerging Young Architects and Designers

Marianna Athanasiadou MArch ‘05

The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies and The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design have announced the selection of this year’s most promising and emerging design talents in Europe for 2017. Among the 40 architects is, Marianna Athanasiadou MArch ’05, current principal/partner of the office Schema architecture & engineering in Athens, Greece. 

THE PROGRAM “EUROPE 40 UNDER 40 is initiated by The European Center as a bi- annual program to spotlight and identify the next generation of architects and designers who will impact future living and working environments, cities, and rural areas. The program is open to all young architects, landscape architects, urban planners, industrial designers, graphic designers, fashion and textile designers currently under the age of 40, working independently / in a firm / on a specific project as the lead designer.

For the full press release here.

posted May, 2018


Alumni Receive 2018 Graham Foundation Grants for Exhibitions, Publications, Research

Zeina Koreitem MDes '16, John May MArch '02, Eric Bunge MArch '96, Mimi Hoang MArch '98, Kenny Cupers PhD '10, Rami El Samahy MArch '00, Michael Kubo MArch '06, Alexander Robinson MLA '05, Neyran Turan DDes '09, Bradley Cantrell MLA '03, Marielsa Castro Vizcarra MDes '17, Brian Goldstein PhD '13, Ana Maria Leon Crespo MDes '01, Sun-Young Park MArch '08/PhD '14, Sara Zewde MLA '15

Fifteen designers, artists, historians, and others from the GSD alumni community have been selected to receive 2018 Graham Foundation Grants. Announced on April 5, the Graham Foundation’s 2018 Grants to Individuals present $534,850 in new grants to support 74 projects by 111 individuals and collaborators who are “engaging original ideas that advance our understanding of the designed environment,” the Foundation writes.

Alumni projects include exhibitions, publications, and research. Among the winners are GSD faculty Zeina Koreitem MDes ’16 and John May MArch ’02, who received a grant for the exhibition “Under Present Conditions,” produced through their Los Angeles-based firm, MILLIØNS. (“Under Present Conditions” will be on view at the A+D Museum in Los Angeles from January 11 through April 26, 2019.)

The funded projects were selected from over 600 proposals and represent a diverse group of individuals and collectives, including architects, artists, choreographers, historians, and filmmakers who hail from around the world.

Other GSD alumni awardees include:

Eric Bunge MArch ’96

Mimi Hoang GSD ’98

Kenny Cupers PhD ’10

Rami El Samahy MArch ’00

Michael Kubo MArch ’06

Alexander Robinson MLA ’05

Neyran Turan DDes ’09

Bradley Cantrell MLA ’03

Marielsa Castro Vizcarra MDes ’17

Brian Goldstein PhD ’13

Ana Maria Leon Crespo MDes ’01

Sun-Young Park MArch ’08/PhD ’14

Sara Zewde MLA ’15

Read the full list of 2018 Graham Foundation Grants to Individuals via the Graham Foundation’s announcement.

Image: MILLIØNS (Zeina Koreitem & John May), Collectives II, 2016–. Courtesy of the artists.

posted April, 2018

millions koreitem may collectives ii

Alumni Honored with 2017-18 ACSA Architectural Education Awards

Renee Cheng AB '85, MArch '89, John Ronan MArch ‘91, Aziza Chaouni GSD '05, Jonathan Rule MArch '08, Jacob Wayne Mans MDes '16, Clare Robinson MArch '01

Six GSD alumni have been honored with 2017-2018  Architectural Education Awards for their outstanding work as architectural educators. They will be celebrated in March at the 106th ACSA Annual Meeting in Denver. In addition, GSD Professor Jorge Silvetti received the Topaz Medallion for Excellence in Architectural Education this year.

ACSA/AIA Practice & Leadership Award

Renee Cheng AB ’85, MArch ’89, University of Minnesota, Professional Practice Class

Distinguished Professor

Renee Cheng AB ’85, MArch ’89, University of Minnesota
John Ronan MArch ‘91, Illinois Institute of Technology

ACSA Collaborative Practice Award

Aziza Chaouni GSD ’05, University of Toronto, “Let’s Talk”

ACSA Faculty Design Award

Jonathan Rule MArch ’08 with Ana Morcillo Pallares, University of Michigan, MUDEM

JAE Best Article Award Design as Scholarship

Jacob Wayne Mans MDes ’16, “Scaling for Non-Expert Production,” University of Minnesota

Clare Robinson MArch ’01, “Scholarship of Design Architecture in Support of Citizenry,” University of Arizona

posted February, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 4.16.56 PM

Brennan Cox MLA ’05 and Sara Peschel MLA ’99 Firm Shortlisted in Harvey Milk Memorial and Plaza Design Competition

Brennan Cox MLA ’05, Sara Peschel MLA ’99

Groundworks Office, led by partners Brennan Cox MLA ’05 and Sara Peschel MLA ’99, has been shortlisted as one of three finalists for the Harvey Milk Memorial and Plaza Design CompetitionLocated in the heart of San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood, the plaza was dedicated in 1985 as a place to honor politician and human rights leader Harvey Milk. The Memorial and Plaza Design Competition was launched in the spring of 2017 by the Friends of Harvey Milk in collaboration with SF MTA’s accessibility and elevator improvement project. Groundworks Office’s design proposes lifting the plaza towards street level through a complete reorganization of the Muni Station in order to create an “inspiring, vibrant and heroic public space.”

Learn more about the project, view renderings, and give feedback on the competition’s website.

Image courtesy of Groundworks Office.

posted September, 2017


GSD Alumni Honored with 2017 Progressive Architecture Awards

Jennifer Bonner MArch '09, Joshua Prince-Ramus MArch '96, Sharon Johnston MArch '95, Mark Lee MArch '95, Thom Mayne MArch '78, William O'Brien MArch '05, Edwin Chan MArch '85, Nader Tehrani MAUD ’91, Katherine Faulkner MArch ’93, Daniel Gallagher MArch ’91

The work of Harvard University Graduate School of Design alumni was recently recognized with 2017 Progressive Architecture Awards from Architect magazine. The jury, which included GSD alumna Jennifer Bonner MArch ’09,  was tasked with finding the best examples of works that “represent design that pushes the envelope, novel methods of representation, and an exploration of humble building types that can make peoples’ lives better.” Winning projects from firms led by GSD alumni include:


Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center
New York
REX, led by Joshua Prince-Ramus MArch ’96

Menil Drawing Institute
Johnston Marklee, led by Sharon Johnston MArch ’95 and Mark Lee MArch ’95


Bloomberg Center
New York
Morphosis Architects, led by Thom Mayne MArch ’78


Mask House
Ithaca, N.Y.
WOJR, led by William O’Brien MArch ’05

True North
EC3, led by Edwin Chan MArch ’85

New Hampshire Retreat
Bethlehem, N.H.
NADAAA, led by Nader Tehrani MAUD ’91 in collaboration with partners Katherine Faulkner MArch ’93 and Daniel Gallagher MArch ’91

Image courtesy of Architect magazine.


posted March, 2017

architect p a

Michael Kubo MArch ’06, Jonathan Lott MArch ’05, and Colleagues at Collective- LOK win Times Square Valentine Heart Design Competition

Michael Kubo MArch '06 and Jonathan Lott MArch ’05

Michael Kubo MArch ’06, Harvard Graduate School of Design design critic in architecture Jonathan Lott MArch ’05, and colleagues at Collective–LOK will be adding an element of intimacy and intrigue to New York’s Times Square this Valentine’s Day. Over the past eight years, the Times Square Alliance has held an annual Times Square Valentine Heart Design competition, curated by The Center for Architecture. The competition invites architecture and design firms to submit proposals for a “romantic public art installation” in Times Square, hooked to Valentine’s Day. Collective–LOK was named this year’s winner with Heart of Hearts, which presents a ringed arrangement of nine golden, mirrored, heart-shaped panels, each 10 feet in height. Heart of Hearts will be revealed on February 9 and remain on view through March 6 at Father Duffy Square, between 46th and 47th Streets.

January 2016

posted December, 2016

Times Square Heart

Shannon Bassett MAUD ’05 Presents at 102nd Annual ACSA Meeting

Shannon Bassett MAUD ’05

Shannon Bassett MAUD ’05 has had her paper accepted for publication and presentation at the 102nd Annual ACSA Meeting: GLOBALIZING ARCHITECTURE. The meeting will be held April 10-12, 2014 in Miami Beach, FL. Entitled “Designing The Village Tapestry-New Architectural Agency(ies) of Community Building and Design,” Shannon will present during the session, “Realizing the Right to the City: Architectural Methodologies as Agents of Change,” based on a design grant which she conducted for the City of Bradenton Redevelopment Agency in Bradenton, Florida. Additionally, she continues to serve as an elected board member for the International Association for China Planning.

December 2013

posted December, 2016

Dan Brunn MArch ’05 Recognized by Los Angeles Business Council and Architectural Awards Jury

Dan Brunn MArch '05

Dan Brunn MArch ’05 and his Los Angeles-based firm Dan Brunn Architecture, was recognized by the Los Angeles Business Council and the Architectural Awards Jury as a winner in the Housing category for the 45th Annual Los Angeles Architectural Awards for his design on the Flip Flop house. Located on a beachfront lot in Venice, CA, the 5,700-square-foot house plays with a sense of duality on multiple design levels, as its name suggests.

July 2015

posted December, 2016

Flip Flop House

Alexander Robinson ASLA MLA ’05 named 2015-2016 Rome Prize Fellow

Alexander Robinson ASLA MLA '05

The American Academy in Rome announced that Alexander Robinson ASLA MLA ’05 was honored as a 2015-2016 Rome Prize fellow. The Rome Prize, which provides significant time, research materials, and studio space at the academy’s recently restored Villa Aurelia in Rome, has long been a coveted honor. Described as “life changing” and “transformative” by the 1997–1998 fellow Mary Margaret Jones, FASLA, it is also a way of benchmarking where and how the concerns of landscape architecture converge with currents in the arts and humanities. Along with a cohort of musicians, writers, artists, scholars, and architects, the new landscape fellows will live and work in Rome for six months to a year.

April 2015

posted December, 2016

Rome Prize

Geoffrey von Oeyen MArch ’05 Named a Winner of the 2014 Architectural League Prize

Geoffrey von Oeyen MArch ’05

Geoffrey von Oeyen MArch ’05 of the Los Angeles-based firm, Geoffrey von Oeyen Design, was one of six winners of the 2014 Architectural League Prize for young architects and designers. The prize recognizes provocative and exemplary work and provides a public outlet for the exchange of their ideas.

May 2014

posted December, 2016

Geoffrey von Oeyen Design

Stacey Pennington MUP ’05 featured in the New York Times

Stacey Pennington MUP ’05

Stacey Pennington MUP ’05 was featured in the New York Times article “Beer Garden Lays Down Roots for a Technology Hub” for the Makers Quarter project in San Diego for which she serves as master planer: ” ‘We were not just going to jump into building buildings right away and just expect people to come and things magically come together,’ said Ms. Pennington, who founded the urban planning and design firm SLP Urban Planning. ‘We had this ongoing vision for how the neighborhood would develop and transform.’ ”

July 2016

posted December, 2016

Makers Quarter