Class of 1971

Steve Calhoun MLA ’71 and Rodney Wulff MLA ’73 Featured in Landscape Australia

Steve Calhoun MLA '71, Rodney Wulff MLA '73

Steve Calhoun MLA ’71 and Rodney Wulff MLA ’73, founding directors of landscape architecture at Tract (Melbourne), are the focus of an article in Landscape Australia. Dubbed the “odd couple of landscape architecture,” Calhoun and Wulff discuss meeting as MLA students at the GSD, their decades-long partnership at Tract, and the future of the industry. Additionally, Calhoun offers an anecdote on the passion of landscape architects gleaned from an event at the GSD in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Landscape Architecture at Harvard. Read the feature here.

posted March, 2017

Stephen Calhoun MLA '71 and Rodney Wulff MLA '73

Steve Calhoun MLA ‘71 Interviewed for University of Melbourne Publication

Steve Calhoun MLA ‘71

Steve Calhoun MLA ‘71 was recently interviewed for the University of Melbourne publication, Atrium. Calhoun is the Founding Director of Tract Consultants, and a leading practitioner of urban and landscape design. He is based in Australia. Read the full interview here.

December 2016

posted December, 2016

Steve Calhoun 2016 Atrium

Jane Loeffler MCP ’71 Donated her Collection to Columbia University

Jane Loeffler MCP '71

Washington D.C. architectural historian and authorJane Loeffler MCP ’71, donated her collection of documents, photos, architectural drawings, interviews and research papers to Columbia University’s Libraries/Information Services’ Avery Architectural & Fine Arts Library. NamedThe Jane C. Loeffler Collection of Research Papers on American Embassies, the collection is a unique assemblage which captures the embassy work of Eero Saarinen, Walter Gropius, Edward Durrell Stone, and others. Read the full press release from Columbia University here and check out her website at

June 2015 

posted December, 2016