Jane Amidon MLA '95

Jane Amidon is a Professor and Director of the Urban Landscape Program and the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Research in the College of Arts, Media and Design at Northeastern University. She is the founding principal of Amidon design communication, a design and writing practice examining the intersection of urban and natural systems.  Jane’s scholarship in the area of urban landscape focuses on the role of the designed environment as a strategic interplay of urban and ecological systems.  She is active in researching contemporary professional design practices in relation to shifting priorities in urban design.  Recent publications such as “Cities, Disturbance and Recovery” (Topos,2013) and “Two Shifts and Four Threads in Contemporary Landscape and Urbanism” (Topos, 2012) consider the interdisciplinary dialog between design, visualization, planning and environmental management around the complex operational systems that support urbanization.  She lectures and writes books and articles on contemporary landscape issues, including: “Big Nature,” Design Ecologies, Princeton Architectural Press, 2009; “Mill Race Park: At the Threshold,” Reconstructing Urban Landscapes, Yale University Press, 2009; “Eclogue for the Metropolis: Entrepreneurial Environments,” Praxis Journal, 2008; Moving Horizon: The Landscape Architecture of Kathryn Gustafson and Partners, Birkhauser, 2005; Radical Landscapes, Thames and Hudson, 2001, Dan Kiley: America’s Master Landscape Architect, Thames and Hudson, 1999. She is the founding series editor for Source Books in Landscape Architecture and in collaboration with The Cultural Landscape Foundation  co-develops the thematics of the Second Wave of Modernism conferences (2008, 2011, 2015).  She holds a master’s degree in landscape architecture from Harvard University and a bachelor’s degree in history from Williams College.